Signs that Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis IN is Needed

A vehicle’s exhaust system works hard. Its job is to take the dangerous fumes away from the vehicle’s engine and the passenger area, all while reducing noise from the engine and increasing overall performance. If there are leaks in the exhaust system, it can result in the engine having to work much harder than is necessary, which may reduce overall fuel efficiency. It can also put those inside the vehicle at risk of the inhalation of the dangerous fumes. Some of the signs that exhaust repair service in Indianapolis IN is needed can be found here.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If a vehicle’s MPGs are lowered, then it can mean quite a few different things, but a leak in the exhaust is going to be a common reason for this issue. If an exhaust leak is present, then it can wind up allowing fumes to build up around the engine, which can result in the engine having to operate at a higher temperature. This will reduce overall fuel efficiency. Seeking Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis IN right away when this type of issue is noticed is essential.


Strange vibrations that come from the gas pedal or steering wheel are another sign that there is some type of exhaust leak somewhere. In some cases, a large exhaust leak can result in the entire vehicle shaking or vibrating. These types of vibrations are not only considered to be safety issues, but also a car health problem because they will alter the ability a driver has to control the vehicle.

Increased Noise from the Engine

One of the first things that is noticed when an exhaust leak is present is if the engine seems louder than usual. The exhaust system works to keep this noise to a minimum; therefore, if the noise has increased, then it is likely an issue with this system.

Drivers who need exhaust service should visit Pete’s Service Center. Here they can speak with professional and highly experienced technicians who understand how to properly fix the exhaust problem. Taking the time to do this will pay off and minimize additional damage to the vehicle.

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