Signs Your Home Needs Asphalt Paving Repair in Port Orchard WA

The asphalt driveway of a home takes on an enormous amount of abuse over the years, leading to damage that needs to be repaired. When a homeowner begins noticing signs of damage, it is crucial they seek the professionals for asphalt paving repair in Port Orchard WA. An asphalt repair company can protect a home’s driveway by repairing the issues and sealing the asphalt so it is less likely to experience major damage. With this information, homeowners can know what to look for to ensure they are proactive in seeking repairs.

The signs of repair issues with asphalt include:

  • If a homeowner notices cracks that are larger than 1/4 inch, they need to make sure they have them repaired. These cracks allow water to seep inside the asphalt and cause internal damage. These cracks will worsen during the cold winter months, when water seeps inside and then freezes, widening the cracks and creating further damage.
  • When the cracks are spreading in a driveway, this is a sign of major concern. This issue will eventually cause massive crumbling which can mean a full asphalt replacement will be needed. The sooner a homeowner addresses the problem, the less expense will be involved in the repair process.
  • Should the driveway asphalt begin to become stained or faded, this means it is not being protected from the elements. The driveway will need to be cleaned and then properly sealed to prevent further damage from occurring. The sooner this is done, the less likely major issues will arise.
  • Potholes can develop in asphalt that has not been properly cared for over the years. These can cause damage to a vehicle and can present a hazard for anyone walking on the drive. When potholes begin to occur, major damage is occurring in the asphalt and it must be addressed as soon as possible.

If your driveway is showing signs of repair issues, it is important you seek prompt Asphalt Paving Repair in Port Orchard WA. For further information on the repair services available, click here. An asphalt company can come out and survey your damage to determine what repair methods will be needed.


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