Stay Safe And Dry This Winter By Contacting A Roofing Company In Nassau County NY

Is your roof more than ten years old? Has your roof suffered hail or wind damage? Don’t wait until water spots appear on the ceiling of a building to contact an experienced roofing company in Nassau County NY. Recent storms have produced high winds that can loosen shingles on a roof. Small branches can cause damage that is undetected without accessing the roof. Although hail melts, these very solid hard balls of ice can leave dents and severe damage to a roof. When an owner sees a lot of granules in the gutters or at the exit of the downspout, their roof is damaged. These granules are necessary to protect the shingles from UV damage.

Asphalt shingles are popular with many homeowners because of their durability and affordability. There is a variety of other roofing materials available such as classic wood shakes, designer shingles, and elegant slate. Roofing material should always be chosen to match the style of the home. A quality roof can add beauty and value to a home. An experienced Roofing Company in Nassau County NY can offer repairs, replacement, restoration and new installations. They should provide quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

A business and commercial roof are just as important as a residential one. Flat, rubber, hot and cold tar, gravel, shingle, and slate can be found on a commercial roof. Maintenance by an experienced roofing company is a necessary component in extending the life of a roof. Failure to seal a small leak on any type of commercial or residential roof can lead to thousands’ of dollars’ worth of repairs. Small leaks on a tar and gravel roof can be temporarily repaired, but will eventually need to be completely replaced. Puddling on a flat roof is another sign repair need to be performed. Locating a leak on any style of a roof can be difficult if someone isn’t thoroughly trained to perform this type of detection.

Don’t let the water from the snow and rain find its way into your home or business. Visit to find out more about their licensed experience in the industry since 1924. They’ve provided outstanding and reliable roofing services for many satisfied customers.

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