Steps in Creating 2D Shape Cake Decorations With Gum Paste Cutters

It is an art in itself when making gum paste decorations. This is because the results are durable and may be saved as souvenirs long after the cake has been consumed. Before a baker starts decorating his cake, he’ll need tools that would suit his current project. Some of these tools include gum paste cutters, small brushes, a shell tool to make lines on flower petals, umbrella ball among others. That said for a person interested in creating a 2D shape cake decoration with the help of gum paste cutters, here are steps to do it.

Decide on a cutter that matches the theme

First, before coloring the gum paste the individual will need to choose a cutter that would match his theme. For a regular size cupcake, a cutter of fifty cent size piece will work well. While for a mini cupcake he’ll be looking for a cutter of ten or five cent sized dimensions.

Coloring the gum paste

Once the final color is chosen, the baker will need to add a few drops of coloring to the gum paste. The baker will need to work on the dough so as to mix the color thus getting his hands dirty will be unavoidable. The baker may decide to use cornstarch to prevent the gum from sticking to hands and surfaces, and his work bench, but should be careful as too much corn may end up drying the icing.

Roll out the gum paste

The next stage will be to roll out the gum paste between one to two millimeters thickness. Using the set of gum paste cutters, the baker simply needs to cut the paste with any of the gum paste cutters he prefers resulting in a professional looking cupcake decoration. He should then let the decoration dry for a while so as to harden them before applying them to his cupcake or cake.


Gum paste cutters are of different shapes and designs, and by following the above steps in creating a 2D shape cake decoration, one will be able to have an amazing cupcake or cake.

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