Steve Gentry Construction Provides Both New Construction and Remodeling

People who want a home built or remodeled can contact Steve Gentry Construction for planning and free estimates. This contractor handles both large and small construction jobs and repairs for the home. From the roof down to the home’s foundation, there are remodeling jobs that can be done. Existing homes can suffer from years of neglect, storm or fire damage, or just a need to update. New roofing, siding, and windows can make a home look new again.

Exterior Renovations

A person purchasing an existing home may get a better price if it needs renovations. Having those renovations done can add value and comfort to the home. Everyone would love to be able to afford a new home, but many can’t afford the price or don’t want the hassle of new construction. There are many people who prefer to move into a well-developed neighborhood. That existing home on a great street might need updates to meet the family’s needs and have better curb appeal.

Renovations To Save Money

Some people purchase the bargain home in an established neighborhood intending to renovate it to meet their expectations. If a lot of projects need to be done, a general contractor such as Steve Gentry Construction is the best choice. One contractor to plan and execute multiple projects may be the most cost-effective choice. Does the work need to be done before the family moves in? Will the projects be done in stages as the homeowner can afford them? A single contractor doing multiple jobs saves time with more effective scheduling.

Renovations For Profit

Some people purchase bargain homes in need of work and renovate them to sell at a profit. Hiring the right contractor can make a big difference for the profit margin. Choose a contractor who will work with the homeowner. The homeowner can do part of the work to save money on the project.

The homeowner and the contractor can decide which jobs each will be responsible for. The contractor can pull permits and make sure the renovation meets all construction codes. The homeowner can do much of the demolition to save more money. Visit the Website for more information.

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