Summoned to Court? Hire a Lawyer In New Britain CT

If you’ve received a summons and found out that you are being taken to court, you’re going to want to have a lawyer on your side. A Lawyer In New Britain CT can work for either side of the case, and you will want one on your side to be sure that you have a chance at winning the case. Some of the reasons a person may sue you can include:

Car Accidents

If you were involved in a car accident, the other driver may try to sue you for compensation. Whether or not you were at fault, you’re going to want a lawyer to help you. If you were not the at fault driver, your lawyer will be able to use evidence they collect to prove that the other driver was at fault so that you do not have to pay them any compensation.

Dog Bites

If your dog has bitten someone, you may be taken to court for compensation for the victim’s injuries. However, your lawyer may be able to prove that you were not negligent in trying to keep your dog under control. This may be when someone has trespassed on your property, if they enticed the dog to bit, or for other reasons.


When you have been served with divorce papers, you’re going to want to hire a lawyer. You will have to go through mediation before the divorce can be settled and, whether it is settled in mediation or in court, you’re going to want a lawyer to look out for your interests.

Child Custody

If you have full custody of your child but the other parent wants a share of custody, a reduction in child support or more visitation, they may take you to court to get this. You will want a lawyer to explain to the judge why this may be a bad idea.

These are not all of the cases in which you may need the help of a Lawyer In New Britain CT. If you have been summoned to court for any reason, it’s in your interests to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. This will give them time to prepare for the case so they can defend you.

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