The Advantages of Switching to Solar Energy in Maui

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Solar

Solar energy is the wave of the future. This is particularly true in Hawaii, where sunshine is often abundant and fossil fuels more difficult to come by. With the right equipment, the seemingly limitless energy of the sun can be used to provide both hot water and electricity to residents. Below are just a few of the many advantages of Solar Energy in Maui.

Use of Renewable Resources

The energy of the sun, in comparison to that provided by fossil fuels, is nearly limitless. Homeowners can reduce their dependence on limited resources, and gain access to a supply of energy that can be relied upon to provide power right from their own homes. By utilizing this non-polluting technology, residents can also rest easy knowing they are doing their part to maintain a healthy planet.

Decreased Dependence on External Power

Once installed, solar power is more or less free. Occasional panel maintenance and repairs simply don’t add up to the kind of spending that paying monthly electrical bills does. It may seem like making the switch to solar is a major initial investment, but with the constantly rising price of oil it is one that will certainly pay off in the long run. This same decreased reliance on non-renewable power provided by tapping into the electrical grid means that should the power go out, homes that run on solar will be unaffected.

So What’s the Down Side?

Solar panels don’t work as well on cloudy days, and don’t work at all at night. This doesn’t mean that lights can only be turned on when the sun is shining, though. It just means that a battery bank also be necessary to store the energy provided by the panels for a cloudy day.

Interested in making the switch to Solar Energy in Maui, but not sure where to begin? The Sonshine Solar Corp provides full service installation of both solar panels and hot water heaters, all across the island. This family owned and operated company can also help homeowners understand the state and federal tax credits that are available to those dedicated to reducing their fossil fuel footprint by making the switch to solar.

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