The Advantages of Urgent Care in Kihei

Everyone gets sick at some point or another; whether the flu, sprain or even a break. Unexpected things happen. Some people may have the ability to call their primary care physician and be seen within the same day. Others do not have a primary care physician or belong to a large physician’s group that does not honor same day appointments. Going to the emergency room will require much larger co-pay on the part of the patient as well as extremely long waits. Who wants to sit in the waiting room of the emergency room surrounded by other sick people for long periods of time? The best choice in this situation is to be seen at Urgent Care Kihei.

There are many advantages to being seen at the Clinic Kihei. First and foremost, no appointment is required to be seen. Patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis, with no extended wait time. While life threatening conditions may be given priority, these patients are always immediately sent to the emergency room. Most patients are seen shortly after they arrive. Smaller patient demands allow the nurses and doctors to provide care much quicker and in more detail. Due to urgent care being a much smaller facility, you are exposed to less germs during your visit.

Most insurance companies offer comprehensive co-pay for services that are received at the Clinic Kihei. This co-pay is much less than the emergency room co-pay and depending on your plan; the emergency room will still charge additional co-insurance over and above the co-pay. Many facilities have a pharmacy attached or one that they do their primary business with. This allows them to be able to electronically send the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, which allows for faster pick up.

While Urgent Care Kihei does not offer the continuity that having a primary physician would offer, they will provide the medical services that are needed to stabilize and treat most minor conditions. This includes x-rays and other lab work, that can usually be read quickly on-site. This will allow the patient to quickly be diagnosed, treated and sent back home to recover.

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