The Advantages of Using Walk-In Tubs

After a long, hard day at work sometimes a person just needs a warm bath to relax. An exhausted mind and body will go a lot further after soaking in a walk-in bath. For years, this kind of hydro-therapy has been used in relieving people’s aches and pains. Best of all, walk-in tubs provide people with a safe solution for getting in and out of the bath, especially when limited mobility is involved.

Here are some other benefits that walk-in tubs provide:
It improves circulation
Warm, soothing water improves circulation by increasing oxygenation and blood flow. This happens by opening capillaries located near the surface of the skin. By doing so, ailments are relieved and toxins are removed while metabolic functions and digestion is improved.

Soothes joints and muscles
Many walk-in tubs are equipped with jets, which means millions of bubbles massage every inch of the body, providing you with a deep massage. You can control the frequency and flow of the water and air jets so it meets your preferences. This type of tub is perfect for those who suffer from back pain, arthritis or other like issues. Studies have determined that people who undergo hydrotherapy also use fewer medications as well.

Improves sleep patterns
Everyone will have trouble sleeping at some point. A warm bath in a walk-in tub has been known to help people get a good night’s rest. It helps relax the body by releasing muscle tension, which results in a deeper sleep.

Reduces stress
Even the most challenging days can wear you down after a certain point. But a walk-in tub can stimulate the release of endorphins, which is the body’s natural chemical that counteracts stress. It also relieves headaches as well.

Provides versatility
Bathtubs aren’t just for soaking. In fact, some tubs can be equipped with hand-held shower systems too. You can sit down and shower, relaxing every bit of the way. In fact, you can drain the water and use it as a traditional shower.

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