The Benefits Of Steel Recycling In NJ

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Waste Management

Steel recycling in NJ is a very good thing for this world. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about recycling plastic products or scrap metal, recycling is a great way to reduce the waste that we produce, and to reuse products that have been already used for other purposes. Recycling products allow more resources to be available for use by later generations, which is a very good thing. Some of the problems with our environment is the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere, and recycling helps reduce all of that. Water pollutants can also be reduced through the act of recycling. Recycling also helps to create jobs, and that can fuel the economy. Recycling allows us to supply raw materials to industries that use them, and also stimulate the development of better and “greener” technologies and processes for companies.

One of the most important forms of recycling is scrap metal recycling. In the United States, we recycle somewhere near 150 million metric tons of various scrap metal, including somewhere close to 85 million tons of steel and iron. There are many great benefits to steel recycling in NJ. Recycling metal allows companies to use less energy, which in turn is better for the environment. It uses less energy for companies to use recycled materials when compared to creating metal materials out of virgin ore. Recycling conserves many different natural resources, as recycling one ton of steel can save roughly 2,500 pounds of iron ore, in addition to all of the coal that is saved. Scrap metal, copper recycling and steel recycling in NJ is also very good for you if you have a lot of scrap metal around your property. Put a little extra cash in your pocket by taking your random scrap to a metal recycler.

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