The Importance of Having a Class K Fire Extinguisher in Waterloo, IA for Controlling Restaurant Fires

Restaurants must have adequate fire prevention and control measures to prevent disasters. A commercial Fire Extinguisher in Waterloo IA is one part of this control strategy. Sometimes, restaurant fires start when nobody is in the building, and this is commonly caused by old electrical wiring that should have been upgraded. If a fire does break out while workers are on the scene, having the proper equipment allows them to tackle the flames and maybe even eliminate the fire altogether before firefighters arrive.

People may be somewhat familiar with fire extinguishers for general residential use and may even own one. These are Class A extinguishers intended to put out flames from burning wood, paper, and other common flammable items. Restaurant fires that are not due to wiring issues often are the result of grease catching fire, with the flames rapidly spreading over equipment that has not been cleaned properly or recently. Restaurants are supposed to have Class K extinguishers that effectively put out fires fueled by cooking grease, oil, and animal fats.

A Class K Fire Extinguisher in Waterloo IA contains a chemical combination that includes potassium and has pH alkalinity, which is best for managing grease fires. This is a wet chemical system and is not intended for use on electrical wiring fires. When the chemicals in the equipment mix with the fatty substances, foam develops that puts out the fire. Interestingly, the resulting blend of materials actually is a form of soap. The soap is generated in a process known as saponification, which can be translated into common language as soap making. The alkalinity of the potassium spray works on animal fats and vegetable, seed, and nut oils. All of these substances typically are used in restaurants and can leave residue on the equipment.

A company such as Iowa Fire Control Mason City IA provides a range of extinguishers for commercial and industrial usage and also offers hood, exhaust, and equipment cleaning for restaurants. Regular and thorough cleaning of cooking equipment is crucial for preventing catastrophic fires. That is one aspect of maintenance that a restaurant owner should never skimp on.

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