The Importance Of Providing Dog Chews For Puppies

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Pet Supplies

There are lots of nice things to provide for a puppy. These include the basics of good quality food and fresh water as well as clean, dry bedding and the love and attention to allow the puppy to quickly bond with the family.

There are additional items to consider as well. To help puppies, it is highly recommended to purchase some quality toys for the puppy to play with, as well as the right size and type of dog chews for puppies.

Puppies should be fed only non-rawhide types of dog chews for puppies. They should contain healthy and nutritious ingredients such as real chicken, peanut butter, milk and baked pork skin for an appealing and very safe chew for any weaned puppy.

Satisfying the Urge to Chew

With safe, healthy puppy chews, the new addition to your home will satisfy his or her instinctual need to chew. As these chews are 100% digestible they do not leave a mess and your floor, nor will they cause the digestive upsets and possible risks associated with providing rawhide chew bones.

Dental Cleaning Benefits

The crunch and crispy texture of the pork skin used in non-rawhide alternative dog chews is great for assisting in cleaning plaque from the teeth and the gum line. However, they do not replace property dental care routine and brushing, something which your vet will recommend.

Bonding Time and Supervised Chewing

These dog chews for puppies are recommended to be provided once a day, and they are not designed to replace or substitute for a meal. It is important to supervise your pup or your dog while they enjoy the chew bone, so this is a great time to hang out together and bond, creating a positive experienced for you both.

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