The Key to Easy Beef Empanadas

by | May 31, 2018 | Food

When it comes to foods that people love to eat, the humble empanada is close to the top of the list. Whether you operate a senior food business, cater corporate events, or feed airline passengers, you’ll discover that beef empanadas are in high demand. Of course, making this dish isn’t always simple. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can make easy beef empanadas.

Pre-prepared Shells

One option that is available to you is to cook your own beef, but use pre-prepared shells purchased from another supplier. This can reduce the challenge you face in bringing these deceptively simple pies together. However, be aware that many prepackaged shells are not all that tasty, so you might discover that your empanadas don’t hold up well in comparison to restaurant quality food.

Do It Yourself

If you really want to create the most delicious beef empanadas, doing it all yourself might be a solution to consider. This gives you complete control over the entire process and every aspect of empanada preparation from choosing the beef and creating the sauce to the recipe for the dough. Of course, this is the most time consuming option available, and it may be impossible – you have many other responsibilities and duties that must be completed.

You have a business to run, and braising beef, bringing the dough together, and then cooking it all to golden, delicious perfection can require a significant investment of time. You might also not have the kitchen skills necessary, either, meaning that this isn’t really an easy option.

Working with a Wholesaler

Perhaps the single best option for easy beef empanadas is to work with a trusted empanada wholesaler. At Chef Select 361, our empanadas are famous throughout the entire Garden State. They’re created by real chefs in our FDA-compliant kitchen, and guaranteed to be as fresh as possible. We take pride in working with a wide range of other companies to ensure their clients, guests and customers have the most delectable, safest, healthiest meals possible. Our kitchen is rigorously inspected for quality and safety purposes, and our chefs have years of experience in some of the most diverse kitchen environments in the world.

You’ll find that when it comes to easy beef empanadas, it doesn’t get any simpler than partnering with Chef Select 361.

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