The Most Common Repairs For Trailer Repair Shops

Today’s trailers technically are more robust. No matter how durable a trailer may be, it does require ongoing maintenance and, when things do go wrong, repairs. According to top trailer repair shops, certain jobs require attention more than others do. Below is a list of the most common trailer repairs a shop handles on a regular basis.

The Most Common Trailer Repairs

Trailers require maintenance. This falls into daily, weekly, monthly and annual work. Sometimes, during a maintenance inspection, employees will notice the need for specific repairs. At other times, repair work results from unforeseen incidents such as a truck accident with fixtures or other vehicles. Among the more common repairs, a transport vehicle or trailer may command, are the following:

 * Corrosion: No matter how much protective material e.g. anti-corrosion powder coating or paint, a company may apply to a truck, corrosion still occurs. This can affect the body or any bare metal springs
 * Guards, Bumpers, Flaps: Repairs are common to these external components of a truck. Rear impact guards (RIGs) may bend inward or outward from impact during an accident or less serious mishap. Trailer repair shops can handle these with ease
 * Pneumatic Parts: It is essential to keep brake hand valves, air hoses and related components in top operating condition
 * Gear and Suspension: e.g. rolling gears, cushion suspension
 * Electrical Equipment: e.g. lights, lamp sockets
 * Liftgates: Make sure they are completely functional
 * Brakes: Look at brake pads and/or drums
 * Tires: These may require replacing
 * Refrigerated units: These have to be functioning to perfection to ensure safety of the cargo

Trailer Repair Shops

Keeping your trailer or fleet of transports on the road is imperative. The last thing any company wants is to lose a vehicle because of neglected repairs. Trailer repair shops are always ready to handle any repair your vehicle may demand. In the meantime, make sure everything continues to run smoothly by implementing a program of regular maintenance.

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