The Most Common Signs Of A Serious Water leak In Bellevue, WA

The sheer reliability of a residential plumbing system means it is an item that most homeowners don’t often think about, but when disaster strikes, it is imperative to have a professional plumber standing by. While several issues may arise, one of the most frustrating and worrisome is a severe Water Leak in Bellevue WA. While there are several signs that indicate the formation of a leak, the following are the most common and should be inspected by a licensed professional.

Wet Basement Walls

Basement walls are usually sealed to increase their waterproofing abilities, and when water spots are noticed, it may be a sign that a severe leak exists within a home’s main water line. A plumber will have the tools to determine if a breach is present and identify its exact location. They will also have a team of technicians that will make the repair process quick and restore normalcy to a home promptly.

Surface Puddles

When a Water Leak in Bellevue WA first forms, it will usually be absorbed by the ground, but as the leak continues, it will cause water to come bubbling up from the soil. If a homeowner notices the formation of puddles in their yard, it is imperative to contact a professional. It not only indicates that a leak is present, but that the leak is releasing water that may damage nearby structures.

Reduced Water Pressure

The water pressure in a home will usually remain constant, though fluctuations due to heavy use are typical. If there doesn’t appear to be any other faucets running and if the water pressure is reduced within an entire home, it may mean that a leak is lurking underground. Be sure to talk to a plumber and let them diagnose the cause of a loss of pressure and remedy the problem.

Ignoring the signs of a water leak may lead to additional repair costs, a high water bill, and structural damage. The team at Pat’s Plumbing offers 24/7 service and will help a homeowner tackle any standard or emergency repairs quickly. Call today to schedule an appointment and ensure a home is free from the dangers of a water leak.

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