The Role An Immigration Lawyer Plays

You may or may not need to engage the professional services of an immigration lawyer, the decision often is based on the reasons you are wishing to enter the US and your history. If the reason is simply to visit family members already residing in the States chances are you won’t even need a visa.

If you have secured employment in the US, your new employer will invariably take the responsibility of hiring the best immigration lawyer in Chicago to process all the necessary paperwork and secure your documents.

The process can be frustrating:

Many people wishing to immigrate to the US find the process to be extremely frustrating and time consuming; as a result they hire an immigration lawyer to deal with the system. It is even more important that a seasoned lawyer be engaged if there is something in your background that may stand in the way of your being granted immigrant status. The best immigration lawyer in Chicago offers a free case evaluation and it is well worth taking advantage of this offer if you are in doubt.

You will definitely need a lawyer in the event you:

*   Have applied before only to have your application denied
*   You have been convicted of committing a crime. This is not always a barrier but if you misrepresent the fact on your application and it comes to light later, you may be deported.
*   You do not feel comfortable in handling the complexities of the process. Many people know in advance that they will need professional help and advice from a qualified lawyer.
*   If you filed but you have not heard back from the USCIS for a long time
*   If you are seeking entry into the US for employment but your employer has left the immigration process up to you

US Immigration is complicated. The best immigration lawyer in Chicago can identify all the options available to you and help you avoid any problems today or for the future.

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