The Topics Covered in Driving School for a Commercial Drivers License

Some jobs require the operation of vehicles that run under the commercial category. This makes it part of the requirements to get a driver’s license that shows you are capable of driving this machinery. These are some of the things that a class can teach you about handling these bigger vehicles.

One of the things that is emphasized for getting a Commercial Drivers License is the safe operation of the vehicles. This includes knowing how long it takes a truck to stop under a heavy load. Since it takes much longer to stop a commercial truck under a heavy load, the safe driving distances are different than in a non-commercial vehicle. It is important to now the stopping time so that a safe judgment can be made of when to apply the brakes.

Another thing that is emphasized is the safety checks you have to make before you take the vehicle out on the road. These include things like how to check the tires and how to check to make sure that your load is safely secured. These operational checks are crucial to ensuring that the commercial vehicle is in top working order. In addition, there is instruction on how to fill out the paperwork before, during and after a driving trip. These logs are required as part of the trucks operation.

The actual operation of the commercial vehicle is also covered for a Commercial Drivers License. Unlike many models of cars, commercial trucks require the use of different gears. It does take a lot of practice to master the timing of these shifts. In addition, the driver must know how to handle the shifting for going up and down hills as well as different load amounts. It is only after practicing these shifts that a feel for when they are needed is developed enough to ensure safe handling of the vehicle.

These are some of the things that are taught to commercial drivers before they hit the roads. Many states require the taking of courses before hitting the road. If you need more information on getting your commercial license, contact Star Truck Driving School.


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