Things to Consider When Buying a used car

If you want to get in the driver’s seat of a new or used car, you have to be in the driver’s seat when you’re going through the buying process. Whether you’re at a used car dealership in Millville NJ, or you’ve answered an ad on Craigslist in Mobile, Alabama, your car buying experience will go much better if you keep a few of the following tips in mind:

  • Establish your budget then stick to it: Know how much you can afford and then stick to your guns. Don’t let a fast-talking salesman try and sell you something you know you can’t afford.
  • Buy at the right time: Dealerships have monthly, quarterly and yearly quotas, so try to go at the end of the month or quarter.
  • Don’t volunteer information: Never tell the salesman (or woman) what your budget is, or how much you need to finance. If they ask, say, ‘we’ll get to that later’.
  • Don’t let the salesman pressure you: Remember you’re only buying a car. Be prepared to walk away at any time. There are many deals to be had out there.
  • Know the blue book value: Know what the car is worth. Do your research online. Don’t forget to ask the dealership (or a private seller) about the accident history of the car. The law requires them to give it to you.
  • Never pay the sticker price: Ask for their best ‘out of the door’ price. If this is going to be a cash deal, you may be able to get an even lower price.

When you negotiate with a used car dealership in Millville NJ, or any other area around the country, stand your ground and let the seller know you are a serious buyer – not someone who can’t negotiate.

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