Things to Know About Full Body Waxing Services in Maui

Full body waxing services in Maui at spas on the island offer just what it sounds like: removal of all hair from the underarms down. Anybody can choose this service, but the main clientele tends to be women who are dealing with excessive or dark hair growth on places like the arms, abdomen and legs.

Another customer base includes men and women who are involved in an athletic activity in which any amount of body hair can have negative effects. Competitive swimming is an example.

Also, someone might decide to have a full body wax ahead of attending a special event like a wedding or a class reunion. This typically is a woman who wants to wear a somewhat revealing outfit and is embarrassed about body hair.


A full body wax is not the most pleasant experience while it’s happening, but the results are very satisfactory for someone who wants to get rid of all that body hair. The effects last much longer than shaving or applying hair removal cream. Depending on the person’s own speed of hair growth, treatments may be needed every four to eight weeks to keep the body fully free of hair.

Waxing only works on hair that is at least 1/4 inch long. At that length, the procedure can be performed at a facility such as The Skin Center. The person must plan ahead to deal with a week or two when a small amount of hair will be visible.

The Problem With Shaving

In addition, some parts of the body aren’t suitable for shaving because of the way the hair grows back. It doesn’t grow back more quickly or more thickly, but it tends to stick out instead of lying flat. And nearly everybody would agree that having to shave the entire body every couple of days would be an arduous, time-consuming task.

Sensitive Skin

After Full Body Waxing Services in Maui, the practitioner can provide suggestions on skin-soothing products in case any irritation develops. This is more likely in people with sensitive skin and in areas that are generally more sensitive, such as along the bikini line.

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