Three Common Signs You Need Your Boiler in Northampton Repaired or Replaced

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Plumbing

Have you ever wondered how the home is heated? Well, it all starts with the boiler, which is a central heating system that provides a property with hot water and warmth. Whether you have a combination, regular or heat-only boiler in Northampton, it must be High Efficiency Condensing, according to laws in the United Kingdom. From the moment a high-efficiency boiler is fitted, you will notice a reduction in gas bill.

However, should you neglect the boiler in Northampton and fail to get it serviced on a regular basis, you could end up spending more money on energy bills than necessary. What’s more, you may put yourself and others in danger, due to the fact that faulty devices can leak deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gases. Stay aware of problems and get them dealt with by an experienced plumber by watching out for the following warning signs.

Leaks and Drips

Every so often, you should examine the area surrounding your boiler in Northampton to make sure there are no leaks or drips. A puddle of water or moisture near the appliance will indicate loss of pressure, or some other underlying complication. Unless this is dealt with promptly, the problem may worsen and you could end up forking out a lot of money for a replacement. A crack in the cast iron or a broken seal on the circulation pump are other causes for leaks and drips.

Thermostat Issues

A boiler is designed to heat the home and normally, it will be connected to a thermostat, which you can operate to select a desired temperature. Should it lose accuracy or turn itself on and off, there is a possibility that the boiler in Northampton needs replacing. Investing in an energy-efficient boiler means you can save money year after year. In some cases, heating issues could be caused by corroded pipes or frozen condensate pipes, so arrange for a professional to inspect the boiler before you buy a new one.

Unusual Noises

The newer your boiler in Northampton, the quieter it will be, therefore if you notice unusual noises like gurgling, whistling or banging, this is a clear sign that something is wrong. A common cause for this is trapped air in the system, but low water pressure and pump failure are two other possible causes. Get an inspection to be sure.

No matter what type of boiler in Northampton you have, the team at A Plus Building & Maintenance can get it fixed.



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