Three Questions to Ask Your Potential Plumber

Plumbing problems can be terrible because they often cause an emergency. It can be difficult to choose the right plumbing service for your job during a crisis. As such, you might end up with an expensive service that does a bad job. If you need a Park Ridge plumber service, don’t panic. By asking three simple questions, you can find a great plumber to handle your emergency.

Are You Licensed?

Plumbing is more specialized than general handyman work. Because of this, most jurisdictions require that plumbers obtain a license. That works out great for you, as licensure generally requires that plumbers continue to receive training on new techniques, regulations, and products. Before hiring a service, ask for proof of a current license. Also, require that your service be bonded and insured. Even good plumbers make mistakes. If they do, flooding or other damage can ruin your home. An insured plumber will have the coverage necessary to protect your home investment should something go wrong.

Are You Experienced?

Not all plumbing jobs are the same. A service that primarily installs septic tanks might not have the skills necessary to service a submersible pump. If you need a Park Ridge plumber service, you want one that has experience handling the sort of plumbing issues that you have.

Are You Reputable?

When it comes to hiring a plumbing contractor, it is hard to overstate the importance of working with a reputable service. Someone who has done a good job for your neighbors will likely do a good job for you. Check online reviews for customer satisfaction or ask for a list of references. Also, inquire as to how long the service has been in business. Bad plumbers usually don’t last long and newbies might not stick around long enough to stand by their work.

Hiring a Park Ridge plumber service can be difficult during a plumbing crisis. By asking three simple questions, you can find a good plumber for your job.

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