Tips for a Better Walk from a Professional Dog Walker in NYC

Going for a walk with your pooch can be either fun and enjoyable time, or it can be a stressful and dreaded time for you and your dog. Our dog walkers in NYC wanted to present their top tips for a better walk to you so you can enjoy your time with your pooch even more.

1. Be the leader

You need to be seen as the leader of the pack, and always commanding the lead during walks helps cement this. Your dog should walk beside you, never in front of you.

2. Use shorter leashes

It is important to keep your dog close to you, as it keeps them safer and it allows for more control over them. Having the leash hook on the collar at the top rather than bottom allows you more control as well.

3. Allow enough time

Dogs are notorious for stopping and smelling everything and urinating on everything too. Dragging your pooch along for a rushed walk is asking for both of you to be frustrated the entire time.

4. Reward good behavior

You can reward your dog during the walk for good behavior by giving a treat or letting them play for a few minutes. After the walk you can give them a special treat reserved only for good walks.

5. Make it a routine

Dogs learn the same as people, by doing things over and over. So, the more you walk, the easier it will be, and the more your dog will enjoy it and be good during the walks.

Many dog owners love taking their pooches for walks, but when you don’t have the time, your dog can still get the walks they love. Call Smiley Pets today to learn more about finding a dog walker in NYC.

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