Tips for Tree Trimming in Brooklyn NY

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Tree Services

Trees are perennial plants that are an important part of Earth’s ecosystem. These plants provide oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. They help stabilize the soil content in the areas they are in. In addition, trees provide shading for home and businesses, thus reducing energy costs. To keep trees healthy and appealing in appearance, it’s necessary to perform Tree Trimming Brooklyn NY. This involves removing tree parts detrimental to a tree’s health and aesthetic element. Use the following tips for this task.

Examine a tree to see if there are potential safety hazards because of dead or broken limbs and branches. You will have to use your best judgment to see if a tree should be trimmed due for safety reasons. If a tree is in close proximity to power lines or utility hardware, it should be cut back. Only cut enough to eliminate the risk. When trees actually touch power lines, get in touch with the right utility company. They have experts who will cut the trees.

Every tree has a natural shape. Using Tree Trimming Brooklyn NY can enhance this shape and add to the attractiveness of the surrounding climate. It’s not advisable to alter a tree’s natural shape or size. This will look awkward and can permanently damage the tree. Instead, stand about 20 feet from a tree and view it against its background. This will help you figure out how it should look in its natural environment.

When you trim a tree, it’s preferable to do it during the dormant season. During the winter months, plant metabolism virtually comes to a standstill. Cutting a tree during this time offers improved equipment access, elevated growth response, and pest management benefits. Be aware of the size of a tree part you are trimming. Removing a tree part less than 5 centimeters in width is acceptable. However, caution should be taken when deciding whether to remove a tree part larger than this.

Tree trimming offers many benefits to the tree being trimmed and people in the community. The existence and functionality of trees plays a huge role in many Earth systems.

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