Tips To Find The Best Tow Truck In Lumberton

It’s a lonely feeling when you’re on the side of the road with a car that simply won’t crank. At that point, you’d do just about anything to have the Best Tow Truck In Lumberton come rolling down the road in your general direction. While some people feel they would just grab the nearest yellow pages and call the largest ad, most people don’t carry a spare directory around with them in the car. Moreover, they’re not very likely to walk terribly far to get one. Of course it’s smart to find a tow truck company and plug their number in your cell phone before you need it, but the hard part is finding one who won’t take advantage of you and who has the proper equipment to tow your type of vehicle.


This all depends on what’s wrong with your car. If you simply have a flat tire, perhaps you or a friend you can call can fix it without the help of a tow truck, but if your car has stuttered to a stop and simply clicks when you go to crank it, the odds are you need to have it towed, but where? If you’re going to a dealership, they may have a tow truck who will come and get you. The same holds true with garages, as they often have their own tow service they offer free of charge if you have the work done there. Of course, you may choose to go with an independent company such as Spankys Wrecker Service in your hour of need.


Whomever you call, they should be able to get to you in a timely manner. Read reviews online about the company and find out how happy their previous customers were, or if they were left waiting for hours on end. While you can’t expect them to be necessarily be there in ten minutes, you shouldn’t be left waiting for an hour or more either.

Before you call any tow service, know the Best Tow Truck In Lumberton is the one you never have to call at all. By keeping your car well serviced, the tires properly inflated and the oil changed on a regular basis, you can reduce the chances of being left stranded on some cold, rainy night. Contact Spankys Wrecker Service to get the best Tow Truck services.


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