Two Common Food Disposer Problems and How to Cope with Them

A Chicago garbage disposal repair company is an essential resource when things go wrong with your home unit. These appliances make routine dishwashing much easier by giving you an environmentally friendly way to get rid of consumable waste. The grinding action breaks down foods and helps you avoid tossing leftovers into the garbage can.

However, because these units are used so frequently, they’re prone to occasional problems. Fortunately, by knowing how to respond, you can keep things in your household running smoothly.

Repairing Garbage Disposal Jams and Blockages

Certain items like cornhusks, vegetable leaves, bones and foods that are high in fiber can be more difficult for a disposal unit to manage. Get into the habit of carefully checking what you place in the unit, and, of course, never ever insert your hands into openings to try and resolve a problem.

Some garbage disposal units have a small socket hole underneath the motor that fits an Allen wrench, so you can manipulate the mashing plate and free a blockage.

If the problem is severe, always contact a Chicago garbage disposal repair provider instead of aiming to handle things on your own. Accidents cause finger amputations and similar catastrophic injuries every year, and it’s never worth sacrificing your health by trying to be overly ambitious!

Fixing Disposer Leaks

Leaks can occur following the installation process, and also after you’ve been using the unit for a while. As a first step, check the drain connections. If that’s the source of the problem, you may simply be able to replace a gasket. However, if the leak seems to be coming from the body of the unit, consult a Chicago garbage disposal repair specialist to determine whether or not a full replacement is needed. Visit for more details.

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