Types of Cremation Services in San Diego CA

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Cremation

The planning and execution of an appropriate cremation service is an important part of the grieving process for families of deceased individuals. The service helps them to accept the tragedy as well as honor the memory of their loved one.

The cremation service is also an opportunity for friends, family, colleagues, well-wishers, and members of the community to pay their last respects and say a final goodbye to the deceased. Cremation Services in San Diego CA can be divided into three major types, and they are as follows

Funeral Service Before the Cremation

This type of service is very similar to that of traditional burial services. The sole exception is the replacement of the traditional casket burial with cremation. The service typically features the placement of the deceased’s body in a casket for visitation and public viewing. Afterwards, the funeral service is held at a religious institution or in the funeral home’s chapel and is led by the funeral celebrant or a clergy member. The cremation proper is held after the service, and the deceased’s remains are handed over to the family.

Memorial Service

This type of cremation service is similar to a funeral service; however, it is usually held after the cremation of the deceased’s body. The memorial service can be held at any location whether it is a church, park, restaurant, beach, etc. Since the body has already been cremated, the urn containing the ashes is the centerpiece of the service, and in most cases, the disposition of the ashes takes place immediately after the service. The ashes can be scattered at a location that is dear to the deceased, or it can be buried at a cemetery.

Direct Cremation

This form of cremation is very basic and is also referred to as “Simple Cremation” or “Immediate Cremation.” The deceased’s body is cremated, and the family collects the remains. There is no graveside service, memorial service or public display. However, this form of service is not advised since a memorial or funeral service helps friends and family members of the deceased to come to terms with the passing.

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