Untangling Insurance Assignment for Funeral Homes

While every good funeral home wants to provide their services in times of need, sometimes financial considerations can make the process slow to start. The paperwork involved in insurance assignment funding alone is tedious and burdensome for the funeral home and the grieving party alike. It is often the prudent choice to call in the professionals to help move things along.

Life Insurance Funeral Assignments

Most life insurance policies have a set amount assigned for funeral expenses. With more and more funeral homes understandably requiring costs paid up front, this coverage is a crucial selling point for insurers. In an ideal world, these funds are dispensed immediately and without hassle the moment they’re needed. In reality, however, this rarely ends up being the case. Many families end up facing further grief and many funeral homes lose business due to the ever-increasing complexity of claiming on insurance.

Professional Funeral Funding

Funeral assignment companies take the burden off of funeral homes and grieving families by providing immediate funding for funeral services. These professionals handle the process of insurance assignment funding every step of the way by filing all of the appropriate paperwork and making sure that the insurance company pays up. These services can lend a welcome sense of structure to chaotic times.

Funeral Home Services

For funeral homes, working with a funeral assignment company can be an enormous relief. Liberated to do their jobs knowing that their finances are secure, funeral homes are able to supply their much-needed services to their communities. Funeral assignment companies take the guesswork out of insurance assignment funding; if the insurance company fails to pay a claim, the funeral assignment company absorbs the cost.

As a family-owned funeral assignment company, Heritage Memorial Funding holds honesty and integrity as their core values. By offering immediate payment to funeral homes in a family’s time of need, Heritage continues to help with the grieving process nationwide.

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