Upper Back and Neck Pain Treatment in Sugar Land TX for Patients With Tardive Dyskinesia

An involuntary movement disorder known as tardive dyskinesia can result as a complication of certain medications taken long-term. Medication for Parkinson’s disease and serious mental illnesses, for example, can lead to the disorder. The condition causes the individual to experience involuntary facial twitches and random muscle movements, usually in the upper body. Chiropractic care is not considered a treatment for the disorder, but patients can find substantial relief from the painful effects of tardive dyskenesia through chiropractic therapy. Upper back and neck pain treatment in Sugar Land TX helps people who have uncontrollable spasms resulting in chronic pain.

Unfortunately, many patients must continue to take the medication that causes their secondary disorder. Another troubling circumstance is that about half of patients who stop taking the medication when tardive dyskinesia symptoms first develop are afflicted with that condition permanently. Chiropractic manipulation and spinal adjustment may need to be performed on a regular schedule for these patients. The spine is likely to become misaligned due to the ongoing muscle spasms that cannot be resolved. Sometimes the neck becomes consistently bent in a certain direction because of the involuntary muscle movements. That can cause headaches and pain throughout the spinal column.

Upper back and Neck Pain Treatment in Sugar Land TX through chiropractic therapy allows those patients to sleep better and experience a substantial reduction in debilitating discomfort and pain. They should be able to cut back on their use of pain relief medication and sometimes stop using it altogether. That can be important for a person who already has to take other types of drugs and worries about side effects from the combination of medical substances.

Someone who is interested in this therapy can find case studies showing the success of chiropractic care and spinal manipulation for people with tardive dyskinesia. This person then might seek treatment at a center such as United Chiropractic. The chiropractic doctor should be informed of all health problems the patient is dealing with in addition to the disorder that has led to a need for back and neck pain therapy.

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