Used Box Trucks Offer Many Benefits

Many businesses in Texas today need commercial vehicles. Even landscape services and contractors need trucks. When you want a good vehicle, consider checking out a used box truck for sale. These trucks are hard-working and can help your company in many ways.

What Are Box Trucks?

Sometimes called cube vans or trucks, these vehicles are as long as 23 feet. You can buy a light, medium, or heavy-duty cube van. It depends on how much you need to haul and how heavy your loads are. Heavy duty trucks come with tandem axles and can haul as much as 33,000 pounds GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Box trucks have enclosed cargo areas, which resemble cubes or boxes. That’s where they get their names. They can haul a lot of cargo for their size and usually have doors on the end which roll up or open out. Some models have access doors from the cab area.

Secure Cargo

A used box truck for sale in Texas is perfect for keeping your cargo secure. Once you lock the doors, it’s not easy for thieves to get inside. This keeps cargo safe from theft. Because your cargo area is completely enclosed, it’s shielded from rain, snow, sleet, hail and all kinds of weather concerns.

Box trucks are commonly used for moving vans and companies hauling furniture buy these trucks.

No Trailer Needed

Instead of hauling equipment trailers for your landscape or contractor business, consider a used box truck for sale in Texas. It’s easy to drive your equipment into the back of the truck (with the right ramps). Driving a truck with a trailer attached is not easy, especially when parking and backing up. Trailers slow you down on the highway because you can’t drive at high speeds. A box truck saves you time and hassles on the job.

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