Using Video Conferencing: Some Suggested Applications

by | May 14, 2015 | Society

There is no doubt that Video Conferencing is an excellent communication tool. As advances in technology have made this type of conference service more effective, the pricing has also decreased significantly. This means the service can be utilized in many different ways. Here are some of the more common examples of how this form of conferencing can be helpful.

Quarterly Earnings Meetings

It is not unusual for business owners to use Video Conferencing as the platform for a quarterly earnings meeting with investors. Adding the visual aspect to the audio portion of the meeting makes it easier for investors who cannot travel to a common location to participate in real time fashion. The result is the opportunity to not only hear what is said, but also see the expression and mannerisms of each person speaking. That can go a long way in enhancing the level of rapport between owners and investors.


In the last couple of decades, the use of video for legal depositions has become more common. When it is not possible for someone with knowledge about a case to make the trip for a deposition, there is the option of setting up video and audio for the task. The structure will still mean a court reporter will be present, and someone will need to conduct the interview. Along with using the service for the actual meeting, it is possible to make a recording keep on file for future use.

Press Announcements

Business owners will also find that this resource comes in handy when making announcements to the press. For example, the owner may want to announce the release of a new product to a select group of journalists. All that is required is to invite those journalists and supply them with the credentials needed to access the meeting. This makes it all the easier to control who is present and ensure that the announcement is only to the desired outlets and markets.

There are other ways that conducting a video conference will make a difference. For help with a specific application, contact the team at Gore Brothers Reporting and Video Company Inc. today. In no time at all, the meeting will be scheduled, and all the arrangements made. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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