Watching Your Back: Security Officers in Columbus

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Security

Hiring one’s own security officer can be a huge decision that certainly does not come without its considerations. Finding the proper security officer to fill the job means determining exactly what one wants out of the service. Several companies offer numerous security services, including personal drivers, corporate and residential patrols, and armed guards. Once the role of the officer has been determined, security companies should be researched and individuals should be selected. The preliminary work does not stop there, however. Ideally, individuals wishing to hire private security should run several checks and histories before the officer takes his post.

It is important to understand the licensing certifications in the area one lives in. Certain states, cities, or counties may not allow personal drivers to be armed, for example. These restrictions should factor into an individual’s decision when considering which type of security to hire. Contacting companies that supply Security Officers in Columbus would be a good start. These companies would be able to discuss personal preferences and the types of security they offer. When contemplating the options for private security, one should consider the quantity and profile of the officer(s). Depending on the reason security is needed, whether it be for personal reasons or for an event, a larger or smaller number of officers may be needed. Blending into the crowd may be an advantage in some situations, while others would seem to demand an overt security presence.

If one wishes to hire personal security such as a bodyguard or security detail, consideration must also be given to the ability of that security to integrate into one’s daily life. Especially if the security is to be ongoing, one must ensure that the agent or team of officers does not interrupt one’s routine.

Keeping the above considerations in mind, several levels of clearance should be implemented when appropriate security agents have been selected. Each officer should provide credentials of past service and clients. It is also never a bad idea to copy all available information, including driver’s license, records of military service, and license plate numbers for personal records. If desired, a criminal background check can be done for each officer. Hiring private security officers can be a daunting task, but if proper considerations are heeded, the added security and peace of mind will without a doubt be a reward in itself.


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