What a DUI Charge Means in Geneva, IL

If you are being charged for drunk driving in Geneva, IL, you need to get an attorney who can represent your case. If you have children, you risk having them being placed in custody depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. You could be seen as unfit and you could also be charged with child endangerment if the children were present during the incident. While your DUI attorney in Geneva, IL can help you get the desired outcome, it is up to you to focus on avoiding this situation in the long run.

A Blemished Record

Looking for employment can be difficult after a DUI. The reason for this is that a background check will reveal the incident and the employer that would have considered you may instead move on to another candidate. Instead of letting this incident haunt you for the rest of your life, it is better to get an effective DUI attorney in Geneva, IL. They will be able to get your record expunged or have the charges dropped entirely. To avoid a blemished record, refrain from drinking on the road and consult with an experienced attorney who can help you.

Getting a Positive Outcome Is Possible

Your Geneva, IL DUI attorney will go above and beyond to help you attain the right outcome in your case. They will do everything possible to help you get the charges dropped so that you can come out on top. In the event that the charges can’t be dropped, the attorney may be able to have the sentence reduced and include community service instead of jail time.

Understanding what to expect from the court proceedings will help you be well prepared after a DUI charge. Use an experienced lawyer to assist you with getting a positive resolution to your case.

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