What Happens in the Process of Excavation Debris Removal in Austin, TX?

Whenever a construction project takes place, there is a likely need for debris removal in Austin, TX. Construction companies contract with other companies to haul away dirt, gravel,&nbsp ; and other materials in dump trucks.

Construction Projects and Landscaping Modifications

Residential property owners who have a one-time construction project may need this service too, although they do not need an ongoing contract. Big landscaping changes also can cause a need for debris removal. People who buy a house with a large lot that has never been landscaped may wind up with an enormous pile of brush, and they also may need to remove a layer of earth before having fresh topsoil or sod placed. The old dirt may be too depleted for growing young plants, and intense fertilization is not preferable.

Bringing Material to a Dump Site

Organizations like Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC have a dump site where customers can bring debris in their pickup trucks or hire one of the company’s drivers to come to the property and pick it up. They’ll not only accept natural earth materials but broken-up concrete and asphalt that often must be removed for a construction project to take place.

Sometimes, for instance, the property owner wants to remove an old, cracked concrete driveway and replace it with new blacktop. A handy do-it-yourself type can complete the project without professional help but will need a place to dispose of the old surfacing.

The Most Popular Option

Having the company providing service for debris removal in Austin, TX make a trip to the property is the most popular option since the customer can avoid doing all the extra labor. Municipal trash removal does not pick up this kind of debris, although most cities and villages have yard waste pickup on occasion.

What Happens to the Material?

What happens to all this material that is taken to a dump site? Some of it can be used as fill for new construction projects. When overpasses are constructed over highways, for instance, a large amount of fill is needed. Asphalt and concrete may be reprocessed and recycled, so it does not go to waste.

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