What Parts Go Into An Automatic Transmission?

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Automotive

A typical automatic transmission is quite complicated, there are many auto transmission parts that all have to work in sync with one another. Some of the parts are the torque converter, gear set, pump, clutches and more; every part used is critical, they work seamlessly to deliver power from the engine, through the transmission and ultimately, to the road.

Automatic transmission parts:
*Torque converter: The torque converter is the coupling which connects the engine crank shaft to the transmission. The torque converter is made up of the stator, impellor and turbine. The torque converter is akin to a clutch in a car with a manual transmission; it allows the car to accelerate from a stop and it allows the transmission to remain in gear when the car is not moving.

*Planetary gear set: The planetary gear set is extremely important, everything else in the automatic transmission depends on it. Think of this as a solar system; there is a large outer “ring” gear, a central gear in the center, the “sun” gear and two or more “planet” gears keeping everything meshed together. An automatic transmission eliminates the need for manual gear changing; the central sun gear is driven by the engine, the planetary gears engage between it and the ring gear basically propels the car.

*Pump: The pump is located between the gear set and the torque converter. The pump pressurizes the automatic transmission fluid.

There are other extremely important auto transmission parts of course; these include clutches, bands and sensors that decide which gear to use and when to use it. Last, but far from least, is the fluid. The fluid is that which provides the pressure; it lubricates as well as cools the transmission. Of all the auto transmission parts, it is only the fluid that periodically needs to be changed.

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