What Should You Know About Teeth Bleaching In Granite Quarry, NC?

In North Carolina, dental patients manage their personal aesthetics concerns through cosmetic dental options. These options can eliminate hindrances that threaten the patient’s confidence. Among these options is teeth whitening or bleaching treatments. The following is information about what patients need to know about Teeth Bleaching in Granite Quarry NC.

Who Shouldn’t Acquire These Treatments?

Any patient with a sensitivity to peroxide should not consider these treatments. Any patient with existing dental damage should wait until that damage is corrected first. Any patients with potential diseases of the mouth should wait until these conditions are eliminated. Pregnant women will also need to wait for these treatments as pregnancy can increase the risk of gingivitis and related symptoms.

How are the Treatments Performed?

The dentist applies a barrier around the gums. This barrier prevents gum irritation due to the professional-grade peroxide used during the treatment. Next, the dentist applies the peroxide solution or gel to each tooth liberally. After the teeth are coated, the dentist uses an ultraviolet lamp to maximize the whitening effects. This lamp increases the odds of breaking down the stains on the teeth more effectively.

Will the Patient Achieve Maximum Results?

Some patients who have more severe stains may require multiple treatments to eliminate the stains. This is true of patients who smoke frequently or who consume stain-producing beverages like red wine. If the stains cannot be removed through these measures, the cosmetic dentist will provide veneers to cover the discoloration and improve the smile.

At-Home Options for Patients

All patients with healthy teeth have access to at-home treatments. The dentist can provide trays that are pre-filled with the gel or suggest treatments found in drugstores. The dentist provides the best options for these patients that won’t produce tooth damage.

In North Carolina, dental patients must visit a cosmetic dentist to acquire treatments for aesthetic issues. These dentists provide a wide array of treatments to correct concerns such as discoloration. Teeth whitening treatments are among the most beneficial options for addressing these concerns. Patients who want to acquire Teeth Bleaching in Granite Quarry NC can visit us for more information now.

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