What Sort of Products are Offered by a Glass Company in Long Island?

Many people do not realize how many different glass items are found around the house. Obvious ones, like window glass, will come to mind easily. Along with various types of glass for windows, the typical glass company in Long Island will offer a number of other items for consideration. Here are some examples.

Glass for Patio Tables

The homeowner has a beautiful wrought iron set of patio furniture. The set includes a round table that is ideal for dining outside or enjoying a nice game of cards when the weather is nice. One way to add a little more visual impact and also make it easier to keep the table clean is to order a piece of glass for the table top. The look of the glass matched with the wrought iron gives the space a complete appearance. If the settee happens to come with matching end tables, consider investing in the same type of glass to top them.

Shower Enclosures

For years, the homeowner has used shower curtains with the combination shower and tub. While that is okay, buying new liners to replace the older ones is getting to be more of an irritant. Talk with a professional from a Glass Company in Long Island about installing a glass shower enclosure. The right enclosure will be easy to clean, can sport patterned or frosted glass for privacy, and will put an end to buying new liners several times a year.

Glass for the Home Office

Finding the beautiful oak desk for the office was great, especially after stripping it down and staining it to the perfect hue. With all that hard work, who wants to damage the desk top? Consider investing in a piece of smoked glass to go over the top. Doing so will add another texture to the space and ensure the finish on the desk top looks great for years.

There are many other applications for glass around the home. To learn more about them, contact Active Glass today. The team can come up with a solution for just about any application the homeowner has in mind. With a little time and attention to detail, the new glass will ready for use in no time.

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