What to Expect and Consider When Visiting an Urgent Care

Because you never know when you’re going to need emergency medical treatment in Goshen, New York, having the address of an urgent care facility on hand can be essential. The urgent care facilities that service the Goshen, New York area can treat various non-life threatening ailments and conditions. Here’s what to expect when visiting an Urgent Care in Goshen NY.

Low Cost and Minimal Wait

A Goshen urgent care facility will accept most health insurance plans, and if you’re a patient without a health plan, you can still receive affordable treatment, because the services provided are generally low in cost. Urgent Care facilities that service the Goshen, New York area employ multiple board certified, licensed doctors and physician assistants, making the wait times minimal.

Appointments and Convenience

Unlike a doctor’s office, you won’t need an appointment to get treated at an urgent care; they accept walk-ins. The emergency care facilities generally have convenient hours of operation. They open early in the morning and close late in the evening, which means that they’re most likely available when your doctor isn’t.

Treatments and Conditions

The Urgent Care can assist Goshen, New York patients with a variety of ailments. If you have a cold or the flu, or suffer from allergies or cuts, scrapes or bruises, the urgent care doctor can provide treatment. More serious conditions, such as broken bones, asthma attacks, and puncture wounds, can also be treated. X-rays, EKGs and lab work can often be done right on the spot. If you have a school-going child or have employees, the urgent care can also help with immunizations, sports and school physicals and drug testing.

Things to Consider

If you require Urgent Care in Goshen NY, you’ll most likely end up in the Middletown, New York area, which is about a 15-minute drive from Goshen. You’ll find various urgent care facilities including Orange Urgent Care of Middletown NY, which like many of the other urgent cares, is open seven days a week. Avoid going to the emergency room for non-life threatening condition, because not only are the copays higher, you’ll most likely have to wait a long time before getting treated.

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