What to Expect From Dental Crowns in Sparks, NV

Depending on the type of issue the patient is facing, the dentist may recommend the application of Dental Crowns Sparks NV. In fact, crowns can be the ideal solution in a number of instances. Here are a few examples to keep in mind.

Preventing More Damage to a Cracked Tooth

One of the more common applications of Dental Crowns Denver is providing a measure of strength to a cracked tooth. The crown helps to ease the pressure on the tooth and prevents the cracking from continuing. When combined with one or two other procedures, the changes of saving the tooth rather than having to extract it are much higher.

Restoring the Shape of a Tooth

When a tooth has been worn down for any reason, a dental crown can serve two purposes. The crown will prevent more damage from taking place, effectively protecting what is left of the tooth. It will also restore the shape of that damaged tooth. With the right type of crown, no one has to know that the tooth was ever damaged.

Keeping a Filling in Place

When a cavity is present, the best approach is to remove the decayed portion and install a filling. To provide more strength to the filling, adding a crown is a good idea. Thanks to the crown, the potential for any residue to work into the filled tooth is eliminated. That will ensure the filling remains in place for more years.

Holding Dental Bridges in Place

A crown can also be used to help hold a dental bridge in position. Bridges are usually connected to the surrounding teeth in some manner. By adding a crown to the anchor teeth, the potential for the bridge to slip out of position is kept to a minimum.

There are many other types of dental issues that can be resolved with the use of a crown. Visit  and arrange to see a dental professional. After an examination, the dentist will sit down with the patient, go over the results, and discuss ways to correct any issue that is present. In no time at all, the teeth will look better than they have in years.

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