What to expect from window replacement in Marin County

If you have finally decided to replace the windows inside of your home, you may be wondering what you can really expect from the process. If you have never had your windows replaced before, it is helpful to know what to expect from the whole process. In many cases, the entire home will need to get new windows to ensure that the home is fully optimized. Understanding what to expect from beginning to end can help you know exactly what will happen on installation day.

Meet the foreman and walk through the home

On the very first day of installing the replacement windows, Marin County homeowners can expect to meet directly with the foreman. The foreman will provide a rundown on exactly which windows will be replaced as well as a full estimate of the price and how long the process will take. Once all of these details are outlined, you can expect that the work crew will begin removing all of the old windows.

Installing new windows

Once the old windows have been completely replaced, the next step is to install the new windows. The windows you have chosen at the consultation phase of the process are the ones that the work crew will proceed to install. If there are any issues with window sizing, the foreman will inform you of this problem so you can make a decision about ordering different sized windows as needed. When it comes to window replacement, Marin County can expect a smooth and seamless process overall.

Installing exterior trim on the windows

After the windows have been installed, the exterior trim will then be placed on the outside of the windows. This can take some time to be completed for every single window in the home. If you have questions as the installation process proceeds, you can always address them to the foreman.

After all of the windows have been replaced, you will enjoy an improved appearance for your home and increased comfort throughout your home.

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