What to Expect When Planning for Cremation Services in Milford OH

The decision to cremate is becoming increasingly popular. For a number of reasons, many families feel it is a simpler and less expensive route to take when a loved one passes away. First of all, the cost of cremation runs 40% to 50% less than a customary ground burial, due to no embalming being required as well as no grave or headstone having to be purchased. Also, a cremation urn is less expensive than a casket and vault.

Simplified and Flexible Cremation Services

Some have selected Cremation Services in Milford OH because they feel they are less elaborate and provides more flexibility. With no rush to hold a service, individuals can wait on family to get into town or for people to rest after caring for a family member after a long illness. On the other hand, if something sudden and tragic has happened, the family has a little time to catch their breath before having to face everything involved in a memorial service. The process of cremation allows time to plan a service that is more personalized, whether that be putting together a slide show or taking time to plan a more meaningful service. There is no need for a casket, pall bearers and viewing so it requires less coordinating. Many times the person who passed away has listed this as one of their final wishes.

Working closely with the Funeral Director

There are many things to consider when a loved one has requested to be cremated. It is very common to hold a traditional viewing for extended family and friends to pay their respects prior to the actual cremation taking place. This is something that needs to be discussed with the funeral director. The funeral director will have ideas and suggestions on the time line. It is still customary to send flowers whether a cremation or traditional burial is taking place, unless other specific requests have been made.

Since there will not be a burial, some families spread ashes at a place of their choosing to honor their loved one. In some cases, a family member keeps the urn and ashes at home.

The decision to use Cremation Services in Milford OH is a personal decision that is to be made by the individual or the family. It is important to take the deceased loved ones wishes, feelings and beliefs into consideration if they didn’t leave a specific plan in place.

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