What To Expect When Working With A Divorce Attorney In Silverdale, WA

In Washington, divorce petitioners must follow guidelines to ensure they file for a divorce properly. They must complete a variety of forms to satisfy the courts and provide adequate information. This is necessary to avoid issues that could stall the divorce. The following is what to expect when working with a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa.

Choosing Divorce Grounds

The divorce grounds are vital to the case. They determine if the petitioner will need additional information for their claim. If they choose a no-fault divorce, this implies that no one was at fault and the marriage ended due to the actions of each party. If they choose fault-based grounds, they must provide evidence of the grounds they choose.

Reviewing a Possible Agreement

The divorce agreement defines which party gets certain assets. It also defines how all assets are divided that were accumulated during the marriage. This agreement provides information about child custody and support arrangements requested by each party. If the couple can agree to this agreement, they can sign the documents and end the marriage after the required sixty-day waiting period.

When Mediation is Needed

Mediation is the next step if the couple cannot agree to the terms of the divorce. It is a lengthy meeting between the couple and their attorneys. They can negotiate the terms of the divorce based on their own preferences. This is often completed if the couple has a larger-than-average marital estate. If mediation fails, the couple may start a divorce trial.

How to Avoid a Divorce Trial

The best strategies for avoiding a divorce trial is to compromise in some areas. If the couple can compromise and negotiate after mediation, they won’t need a trial. A divorce trial can last up to two years to complete.

In Washington, divorce petitioners follow guidelines based on local laws. These guidelines present them with instructions on how to complete the case without errors. This helps them to acquire what they want from the divorce without delays that could lead to more problems. Divorce petitioners who need to review the law are encouraged to contact a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa today.

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