What To Pay Attention To In A Web Tension Control System

Replacing an old web tension control unit provides the opportunity to carefully consider options and to buy the ideal system for your specific needs. There are many different manufacturers of these systems, and some are more complex and complicated than others. There are also systems that are relatively untested and those that have been used for years throughout industries.

System Requirements

Choosing the right web tension control system takes an understanding of your system as well as how automated or manual the system will operate. This will be critical in choosing an open or closed loop system, with most companies moving to the closed loop systems to offer the precise control of the tension. These systems can offer two to five percent variance, with full adjustment of the tension handled by the software.

To help you to select the appropriate type of web tension control system, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

* Measurement – the load cells that are used in the system will be critical to both accuracy in measurement as well as the ability to mount to the specific equipment in any orientation required.

* Speed changes – the tension control system is particularly important when speed changes occur with the machines. It will be essential to understand the parameters of the equipment as well as how the various web tension control system options are able to respond.

* Environment – most tension control systems will need to be very durable and rugged, able to handle vibrations, shock, temperature changes and even issues with how the tension measurement system needs to be installed on the equipment.

Take the time to compare the difference in systems. It can be easy to get caught up in the add-ons and features but ensuring the basics are there will provide the quality tension control needed in any application.

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