What you Need to Know to Work in Refrigeration

If you have ever had work done on a refrigeration unit, you may have wondered what kind of training the technician had to undergo. Choosing the right company to work on your equipment is important, so understanding what makes a technician qualified to do the work is important as well. There are a few things you should know about what it takes to work in refrigeration.

Most states require licenses or certification before allowing someone to work on heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC. The Environmental Protection Agency also requires anyone who performs service, maintenance, disposal or repair on any equipment that leases the refrigerant chemicals into the atmosphere. Most employers will not consider hiring anyone that is not already certified and/or licensed.

There are four different HVAC certifications and which one is needed is based on the type of work the technician will be doing. Type I certification covers small appliances such as window air conditioner and vending machines. Type II certification is for technicians that deal with disposal and servicing of equipment with high pressure refrigerant. Type III certification is for technicians that deal with disposal and servicing of equipment with low pressure refrigerant. The forth type is a universal certification that allows a technician to service any type of equipment.

Most HVAC technicians are required to complete at least six months or training, with some courses lasting up to two years. While attending school they must also work in an apprentice program at the same time.

A company with lots of experience such as advantageserviceco.com is a good example of a place to complete an apprenticeship. After they have completed all training and the necessary apprenticeship period they are eligible to take the state exam. If they pass they are then able to work as a licensed HVAC technician.

So, the next time you need refrigeration work done, consider all the time and training that has gone into teaching a technician how to do their job. Choosing a company that only hires licensed technicians is a great way to make sure that the repairs will be done right.



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