When to Consider Dental Extractions, Find a Dentist in Chicago

When your tooth hurts, your primary goal is to stop the pain. In some cases, residents of Chicago may worry that too much damage has been done for a restoration, such as a root canal. In most cases, dentists recommend saving the tooth whenever possible. If you don’t want to do that or it isn’t recommended for your situation, dental extractions are the next best thing.

As the patient, you must determine if you should get the tooth pulled, and it is up to you. While dentists can help you make a choice, you should weigh the pros and cons first.


If your tooth is severely damaged or infected, the most affordable way to take care of it is to remove it. Dental extractions cost a lot less than other options, such as a root canal. However, Chicago residents should be aware that once the tooth is gone, it may be noticeable. Therefore, you may also need to factor in the cost of an implant or partial denture. If the problem tooth is in the back, it may not be as important to restore it.

Once the tooth is removed and you take a few days to heal, you shouldn’t experience any pain, which means you can eat and talk normally again.


Removing a tooth is a permanent solution, which means the tooth doesn’t grow back. Once it has been removed, the dentist or surgical staff cannot put it back, so you should make sure this is what you want. Over time, the missing tooth can cause irregular bite patterns and reduce functionality in your mouth.

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