When to Schedule an Appointment at a Dentist Office in Wichita KS

Going to the dentist for a yearly exam is an important part of staying healthy. There are times, however, when you may need to schedule an emergency appointment. Problems that start in the mouth can travel to other areas of the body. Infections can get into the bloodstream and become very dangerous. Dental issues can also affect the sinus cavity and cause headaches. Knowing when to schedule an appointment with a local Dentist Office in Wichita KS is vital in making sure your teeth are always being cared for in a timely manner.

You Have a Toothache

Pain is never acceptable in any part of your body, and your mouth is no exception. Sudden toothaches are often the sign of a larger problem. If a tooth becomes painful whenever you drink or eat something cold, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. This is not considered an emergency, so you can wait until your next check-up to discuss this problem with your dentist. If the pain is constant and throbbing, however, you may have a deep cavity or infection. This is considered a dental emergency. You may need a large filling or root canal. It is important to see your dentist office in Wichita KS right away.

You Notice a Lump

The gum tissue surrounding your teeth should always be smooth and pink. Healthy gums don’t bleed easily, and they are not sore to the touch. If you notice a lump around the gum-line, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Most lumps are actually abscesses. This is a puss-filled pocket that is the result of a bacterial infection. Your dentist will most likely prescribe an antibiotic. If a decayed tooth is to blame, they will treat it with a filling or root canal. Other lumps, however, may indicate something greater, such as cancer. Oral cancer is usually first noticed during a dental examination. In order to rule it out, the lump must be examined by your dentist.

In order to keep your smile healthy, you should visit East Wichita Dentist at least once a year for a cleaning and full examination. However, if you notice other problems between your annual check-up, such as a sudden toothache or painful lump, make sure to schedule an emergency appointment. Addressing issues when they first appear may help prevent larger problems down the road.

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