When to See an Emergency Dentist in Ponoma

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Dental Services

Many people have dental crises during weeknights or on weekends. When this occurs, it’s essential to see an Emergency Dentist in Pomona. An emergency situation also can occur during normal business hours. Many dentists who practice emergency dentistry allow for this and will see emergency dental patients between their regularly scheduled appointments.

The two main goals of seeing an Emergency Dentist in Pomona are to prevent further damage to an affected area and to lessen or stop any associated pain. Pain can be a signal that there is a problem with a person’s body. Leaving pain untreated can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Having damage to any part of the mouth or surrounding areas of the mouth can result in damage to other parts of the body such as the heart, liver, or lungs. If a person has a dental problem but does now know whether the problem warrants an emergency dental visit, there are a few guidelines for him to follow:

*   Chipped Tooth: A chipped tooth can puncture the soft of hard tissues of the mouth, resulting in an infection or permanent damage. If any associated pain keeps you from participating in your daily activities, it’s a good idea to see an Emergency Dentist in Pomona. Also, if the chipped tooth is very sharp, it’s wise to see a dentist before it causes damage to your mouth.

  Cracked Tooth: A cracked tooth can lead to the need for extensive treatment including a root canal. Any jagged edges that develop from a tooth cracking can puncture the tissues of the mouth. If the cracked tooth is extremely painful, get in touch with an Emergency Dentist in Pomona as soon as possible.

  Lost Tooth: Having a tooth knocked out or part of it knocked out can lead to an infection. This infection can enter the blood stream and invade other parts of the body. An emergency dentist can keep this from happening by treating the tooth. The dentist may be able to reattach the tooth. If he can’t, he can clean the affected area and prescribe antibiotics to combat any infection.

When a person’s health is at risk, it’s better to err on the side of caution. A trip to an Teeth Whitening Dentist is far better than ending up in the emergency room. Doing this will help restore integrity to your dental health and overall health.

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