Which is the Best Choice for Driveways: Concrete or Asphalt in Burnsville, MN?

Having a nice driveway makes a property look nicer, and it can add to the property value. There are many materials that can be used to create driveways. The materials one chooses will depend on a number of factors, including budget. When using materials such as concrete or asphalt, it is best to have the work done by experienced professionals, as they have access to the best materials and have all of the necessary equipment. Homeowners who try to do their own driveway paving must rent equipment, and often do not do a very good job.

When a homeowner wants a paved driveway, they will need to choose between concrete and asphalt in Burnsville, MN. In order to make the best decision, a number of factors need to be considered. For instance, the cost of the materials and labor is going to be one of the biggest deciding points. Durability is another factor. Other things to think about include maintenance and design. Some materials may not work with certain types of driveway designs. Remember, one is not limited to black or light grey if they are having their driveways paved. While these are the most commonly-used colors, there are many others available.

One of the reasons why many homeowners choose asphalt in Burnsville, MN is that it is better for colder climates. Asphalt can become soft in extreme heat, and oils are released. These oils can be tracked into the house and stain the floors. Concrete is also popular, but homeowners need to remember that when it gets cold outside, frost heaving can cause a lot of damage to concrete driveways. When concrete is used, one can expect to have more maintenance to worry about.

Asphalt is less expensive than concrete. It can cost as much as 45% more to have a concrete driveway poured than to have an asphalt driveway. This is because the materials are more widely available. There isn’t a lot of maintenance involved with asphalt either, besides resealing it every few years. To learn more about asphalt driveways, contact the experts at Asphalt Driveway Company Inc.

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