Why a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI Should Be Hired to Fight the Charges

Many individuals will find themselves on the wrong side of the law this coming holiday season. They’ll go to a work party and have a drink or two before attempting to drive home only to find they are pulled over for driving under the influence. Others visit with family, have a few drinks and wait around for a few hours, thinking the alcohol has left their body. They only learn this isn’t the case when they are arrested for drunk driving. Those in this situation need to retain a drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI immediately to mount a defense

In certain situations, a person may find they can have the charges reduced or dropped if they can prove entrapment or that they were forced to drive to prevent a greater evil. If a person drives after taking prescription medication and can show they thought the effects of this medicine had worn off, t
hey may also find they are facing a lesser charge or no charges at all. These are known as affirmative defenses and may be used in a number of driving while intoxicated cases.

In other situations, the person can fight the charges by claiming it was an improper stop or the field sobriety test wasn’t conducted properly. Portable breathalyzers aren’t always accurate, and an attorney may contest the charge based on this. Others may state the chain of custody of the blood test was broken or that the blood alcohol content rose while the person was waiting for this test and that they weren’t impaired when they were stopped. These are only a few of the many defenses that may be employed in a drunk driving case, and there are numerous others.

Visit the Website to learn more about how a drunk driving lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI can be of assistance in crafting a defense for these charges. Many individuals assume they have no options and should just accept the consequences but this isn’t the case, as numerous people go to court and fight the charges only to have them reduced or dropped. It is definitely worth a try because the consequences of a drunk-driving conviction are far-reaching.

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