Why Do Owners Put Off Replacing a Damaged Car Windshield in Washington, DC?

It’s not unusual to drive along and see several cars with damaged windshields. Typically, the damage is in the form of a crack, although some people continue to drive their cars when the windshields are severely damaged. That begs the question: why would anyone delay the replacement of a Car Windshield Washington DC? Here are a couple of the more likely rationales used by those who need new windshields but haven’t resolved the problem yet.

High Deductibles on the Insurance

Some car owners choose to save money by securing a plan that comes with high deductibles. Depending on the amount of the deductibles, the costs of replacing the Car Windshield Washington DC may be very close to what the individual will have to pay out of pocket. That’s fine as long as there’s money on hand to cover the cost.

If funds are tight and the damage isn’t too bad, some people will elect to put off getting a new windshield until they have the cash in hand. In the best case scenario, that will only mean getting by for a few weeks until there is money to have the work done.

Finding Time

There are people who lead extremely busy lives. Trying to fit in a time to take the car in and have a new windshield installed seems like an impossibility, at least for the next three weeks. What some of the individuals may not realize is that many auto glass shops do have mobile units. Instead of the owner finding time to take the car in for a windshield replacement, the shop deploys a unit to take care of the task while the owner is at work. This approach makes it easy to park the car in the lot outside of work and have a new windshield in place by the end of the day.

Driving around with a damaged windshield is not the safest move. Visit the site today and learn more about what the team at Beltway Auto & Plate Glass can do to remedy the situation. The cost and time factors are easier to overcome than many people realize.

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