Why Do Your Pipes Burst?

If you have ever experienced a pipe burst, you probably wondered what caused it. There are many factors that influence the health of your piping system. Here are three common causes of pipe bursts so that you are better prepared to call a service for burst pipe repair in Locust Grove — if and when the worst should happen.

1. Temperatures Are Below Freezing

The next time the National Weather Service issues a freeze warning for your area, remember that it’s not just for farmers and gardeners. When temperatures fall below freezing, water is likely to freeze within your pipes. When water freezes, it expands, and this can cause pipes to crack or burst. To avoid this, simply keep one faucet dripping through the night so that water is moving throughout your pipes constantly. When water is running, it is less likely to freeze.

2. Minerals in Water and Soil Interact with Your Piping Over Time

Over time, the pH balance of the water running through your pipes can interact negatively with the piping material, causing it to corrode. Similar reactions may occur due to minerals in the soil, especially if your piping is old. This can cause the structural damage that leads to burst pipes.

3. Connections Are Insecure

Sometimes even newer piping bursts despite the precautions that the property owners have taken. When piping is initially installed, sometimes professionals don’t secure the individual pipes as well as they should. When water moves through insecure connections, the pipes can shift. With enough time and pressure, they can burst or separate from their connections.

Having an idea about why your pipes burst can help you and your plumbers understand your piping problems more thoroughly. If you’re looking for burst pipe repair in Locust Grove, these factors can help you determine how to better prepare for future pipe issues over time. Contact website to learn more!

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